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BodyIntel’s Brilliant Packages will help you discover the fit the Genius in YOU!

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BodyIntel (bä-dë•in-tél) : The fit genius in you.

Physical Therapy

Sessions with our amazing Physical Therapists:

  • Single 50-minute sessions: $160
  • Package of five 50-minute sessions: $750 ($150/session)
  • Single 30-minute session: $80
  • Package of five 30-minute sessions: $375 ($75/session)



Private Lessons:

  • Single Private Lesson: $85
  • Package of ten 50-minute lessons: $825


Semi-Privates (2 people):

  • Single: $55/person
  • Package of ten sessions: $525/person


Classes (Client must have taken at least 3 private pilates lessons before taking a group class):

  • Single 5 person class: $30
  • Package of ten 5 person classes: $285


**ALL Packages expire 6 months from purchase**

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