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Pilates Class Sign Up

– If you would like to sign up for one of our pilates classes, please visit our Pilates Class Sign Up page.

Pilates for Fitness and Spine Rehabilitation

– We offer group and private lessons that will challenge all fitness levels, from couch potatoes to professional athletes. Our instructors know how far we can push you to meet your goals, feel challenged, and avoid getting injured in the process. Sports such as running and cycling can lead to tight hip flexors and back extensors and weak abdominals and gluteals. Sitting for prolonged hours leads to tight pectorals and hip flexors and weak postural muscles. These imbalances can be corrected with pilates exercises that focus on core stability and entire body flexibility and strength.

Pilates for Active Agers

– We offer group Pilates classes to address imbalances that often occur as we age and contribute to back pain, hip pain/bursitis, knee and shoulder pain. This class moves at a slower pace while the intention of decompressing joints while improving flexibility and balance.